Stainless Steel Pen Brass Top

Brass Top
Brass Top


An artfully designed writing instrument looks great on the desk and feels even better in the hand. A gorgeously lustrous ode to minimalist luxury, Ajoto’s Stainless Steel Pen with Brass Top is meticulously forged from a solid bar of stainless steel before being finished by hand. Each component is cut and crafted using state-of-the-art machines traditionally used for manufacturing aerospace and automotive parts. The stem is perfectly tapered from front to back, allowing for an optimal balance point in the hand. It’s the perfect blend of form and function, simplicity and style. This pen has been handmade in the United Kingdom.


Shorthand for “A Journey To,” Ajoto’s belief is deviously simple: great design should be an adventure for the eye and a trip for the spirit. The UK-based company is relentless in its mission to create perfected versions of everyday tools. Case in point: the pen. Each of theirs is made with the precision of advanced manufacturing and the soul of craft. Simple, elegant, minimal: Ajoto makes tools so you can make your mark.


Dimensions (L x W xD): 6.3" x 3.15" 1.73"
Weight: 0.54 lbs